Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Year 1 putting their best effort in to learning Yoga!

As the hall has been out of use for the last two weeks with Christmas rehearsals the children have been enjoying Yoga instead of gymnastics. They all tried their best to create the moves and hold the positions. This is great for their core strength, flexibility and stamina! 

Year 1 yoga 2018

Monday, 26 November 2018

Exploring Our Surroundings!

Year 1 Park Trip!

Year 1 had a great afternoon exploring the route to the park. Along the way we saw the Co Op, buses and even had to responsibly cross the road. We then arrived at the park. Here we had lots of fun exploring the playground equipment.

Time to plan the route, then create our own picture maps!

Well done year 1 you were responsible and reflective.

Photos to come soon! 

Friday, 16 November 2018

Polar Express Day!

All Aboard...

Wow year one have had the most magical day! We have all boarded our very own Polar Express and visited the North Pole!

We have participated in lots of different activities all to do with the story! We were even able to act out some of the story.

We created our very own Polar Express and had hot chocolate with marshmallows- yummy!

We created our own train track in class, made snow and made gingerbread men.

Fantastic learning year one, we hope you keep your ticket safe for your next adventure! 

Year 1 Polar Express Day!

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Super Scientists

Year 1 were so excited to receive a letter from a very special person…Santa! He had heard Year 1 are Super Scientist and asked us to investigate materials. He wanted to find out which material would be best for a lid for his cup as he kept spilling his hot chocolate on board his Santa Train. We all made predictions and then carried out the investigations by filling the cup with hot chocolate, placing the material over the cup and pretending we were on a bumpy train ride. We found out that the tin foil would be the best lid for Santa’s cup. Look at how much fun we had!!!

Year 1 Super Scientist

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Year 1 Reading!

Reading Superstar! 

Well done to Brody for being one of the first children to read 20 books! 
What a superstar!

Remember to try your best to read every day to become a reading superstar!

Teeth Visitors!

Happy Teeth!

Wow, year 1 have had a great day! We had some wonderful visitors in to talk about how we need to keep our teeth healthy and clean. We had a visit from the Fairy Tooth Godmother who gave us tips on how to keep our teeth clean! 

Remember you should clean your teeth twice a day! 
Tomorrow your children will be given a goody bag filled with information on how they can keep their teeth healthy and clean! 

We also spent the day thinking of different ways we can keep our body healthy and happy! We even had a go at some yoga! 
Look below to see what we found out- 

Year 1 Teeth Visit

Friday, 28 September 2018

Year 1 Baby Visitors!

Year One have been very lucky! This week we have been very lucky to have some special visitors in…We had some lovely Mummy’s come in with their babies and toddlers. 

In our history we have been learning about life stages so we wanted to think about what we were like as a baby and toddler. We met the lovely Aielah, Mylah and William. 

We asked their parents some fantastic observational questions such as, what do they like to eat? Can they walk? How old are they?

Look at the fun we had below!

Year 1 Baby Visitors